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DEF Full White 7.0ct SI HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds For Necklace

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiate Price : Negotiate
Packaging Details : Carton box Delivery Time : 1-7 working days
Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Bank Transfer Supply Ability : 50000carats per month
Place of Origin: Zhengzhou, China Brand Name: Yuda Crystal
Certification: None Model Number: A

Detail Information

Product Name :: HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds Color: DEF
Clarity: VVS VS SI Carat Weight: 1.0-7.0 Carat
Technology: HPHT Usage: For Cutting Lab Grown Diamonds
Payment Terms: 100% Payment In Advance Payment Mode: T/T, PayPal,Bank Transfer, Western Union
Delivery Time: 1-7 Working Days Depends On Quantity Courier: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS Etc
Packaging: As Export Standard Hardness: Moh's 10 Scale
Shape: Round Cut: Uncut
High Light:

7.0ct HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds


SI lab created diamonds


HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds For Necklace

Product Description

DEF Full White 1.0-7.0ct VS SI HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds For Necklace


Lab Created Diamonds Description


Lab-grown diamonds are also known as lab-made diamonds. In the lab, there are two main breeding methods: diamond chemical vapor deposition and the technology of high temperature and high pressure.As lab mature growth of the diamond production technology, its cost is low, and can produce a variety of color gem diamond.

Laboratory diamond growth is an artificial diamond growth environment that simulates natural diamond. It is made of high temperature and high pressure chemical vapor deposition (HTHP) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) synthesis, also known as the diamond growth. These lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, which have the same physical properties, chemical composition and crystal structure as natural diamonds. It shares 4C certification standards and has been certified by IGI, GIA and other international authoritative evaluation agencies.

Diamonds are considered the hardest material in the world. Mohs hardness is divided into 10 levels, of which diamond is the highest. Since people know that diamond is composed of pure carbon, more and more people begin to research on diamond under high temperature and high pressure in the laboratory. At present, high temperature and high pressure laboratory diamond raw material industry develops rapidly, widely used in various industries and processing industries.


High pressure High pressure (HPHT) mimics the formation of natural diamond by placing the seed under tremendous mechanical pressure and applying tremendous pressure and high temperatures to the finished carbon. The seeds quickly turn into carbon lattice diamonds and grow layer by layer over several days until they reach the required carat weight.


Parameters Of Lab Created Diamonds


Product Name Synthetic (Lab created) diamond
Material Lab-grown
Color DEF
Shape Round
Technology HPHT
Diamond Cut Uncut
Payment Terms 100% Payment In Advance
Diamond Carat Weight 1.0CT-7.0CTS
Grade VS SI
Shipping way FedEx, DHL, SF Express, UPS, EMS, TNT etc
M.O.Q Negotiable
Delivery Time 1-7 Working Days Depends On Quantity
Payment Methods T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer
Used Jewelry (necklace,ring,earring)
Application For Cutting Lab Grown Loose Diamonds
Place Of Origin Zhengzhou,Heana,China


Characteristics Of Lab Created Diamonds


Diamonds grown in a laboratory are grown in a laboratory. People use advanced equipment to simulate natural diamond formation of the environment.This distinction forming process is made in laboratory diamonds mined and the main factors. Lab-grown diamonds can be mass-produced in a matter of weeks. Therefore, laboratory breeding of the same size and number of natural diamond is much cheaper.

Synthetic diamond is the product of high and new technology development. Synthetic diamonds are more environmentally friendly and save labor costs.

Natural diamonds are created by nature, is the result of the billions of years of high temperature and high pressure formation. Laboratory growth of diamond is usually produced in laboratory for several weeks. The chemical difference is the same.

So how do you distinguish between laboratory rough diamond and natural diamond?

Laboratory production of the original diamond and natural diamond is not much difference. Even professional gemologists need special equipment to identify them. Through the amplification, professionals will be able to identify the growth of diamond inclusions in laboratory and the nuances of the production.

From a scientific point of view, synthetic diamond and natural diamond exactly the same, the only difference is that the formation of their position


The Difference Between Lab Diamond And Natural Diamond
Attribute Lab-Created Diamonds Natural diamond Distinction
Chemical composition C(carbon) C(carbon) No
Refractive index 2.42 2.42 No
Relative density 3.52 3.52 No
Dispersion 0.044 0.044 No
Hardness value 90 GPA 90 GPA No
Thermal conductivity 2*103 W/M/K 2*103 W/M/K No
Thermal property 0.8*10-6 K 0.8*10-6 K No
Light transmittance DEEP UV TO FAR TR DEEP UV TO FAR TR No


1016 OHM-CM

1016 OHM-CM



8.3*10-13 M2/N

8.3*10-13 M2/N



Lab Created Diamonds Details

DEF Full White 7.0ct SI HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds For Necklace 0

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