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Report on diamond grading updated by IGI

May 25, 2021

Latest company case about Report on diamond grading updated by IGI

The IGI laboratory said the reports will now outline the growth process of untreated CVD or HPHT diamonds. In particular, they will point out that the diamonds are "unprocessed".

Roland Lorie, chief executive of IGI, said: "since the first report of the industry was released 16 years ago, nurturing diamonds has become more and more popular." With the development of technology and demand, the Institute will continue to do the right thing for consumers.

IGI will also provide specific descriptions of diamond types on request, such as CVD type IIA or HPHT type II. The Institute is currently making efforts to include in the report a description of the post-processing of the growth of colored cultivated diamonds, which is expected to be launched "in the near future"

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